My 5 New Year's Resolutions For 2017


Here is a quick run down of my 5 new year's resolutions. Let's kick 2017's ass.

Figure Out My Career

After leaving my Internship in Brighton and moving back home in 2015 which really took its toll on me emotionally, this past year has kind of been a self made gap year where I just focused on myself, having fun and not really paying much attention to developing my career other than the odd bit of freelance work here and there. I want to change that throughout 2017 though, I'm currently working part-time in retail and I can feel so much untapped potential within myself going to waste. I want to work within the creative industry, though as I get older I find myself growing more distant from the design/marketing side of things as I want to do more than just sell that next meaningless product to someone to make a big corporation more money. I want to do something really worthwhile with my career, something that actually helps people; now I'm not saying I want to be the next Gandhi of the working world but y'know -- there has to be more to working life than chasing the payslip at the end of the month and living for the weekend.

Travel More

I'll be kick starting the new year with a two week road trip through Europe with Jon, going through Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam & Berlin. I know that this won't fully satisfy my itch for travelling though. This coming year I hope to get away to somewhere with a little more heat though, as everywhere that I've travelled to so far in my life has been during Winter or to cold climate countries. Sitting on a beach at an all inclusive resort isn't exactly my idea of fun though, I want to experience somewhere with a lot of culture and find something that will change my life again, like the Interrail did for me this year.

Experience More of The Unknown & Learn New Skills

Wether it be something as small as trying out a cuisine on the menu that I've never tasted before or as big as learning a new life skill, I want to experience and try my hand at as much as I can this next year. One of the more serious things that I want to commit to this coming year is learning German; Its something that I've always wanted to do but never really fully gave it my 100%. 

Read More Books

Tap after tap, my Amazon Wish List is slowly being filled up with book after book, most of which are self help, mindfulness and thought provoking reads. Over the past couple of years I've been reading so much more, mainly self help & fantasy fiction and it has not only helped ground me so much but also taken away a lot of the every day stress of life. The problem I seem to have is that I'll often get distracted by my phone, computer or just the daily hustle and never seem to be able to set aside proper time for reading, this coming year I need to prioritise it more often.

Blog More

I started this blog at the start of this year, mainly as a diary for myself to keep a track of the highlights (and to acknowledge and improve on some of the low parts) of my life; so far it has been awesome and I've loved documenting my life this way. Blogging has also let me connect with new people through social media and see other people's experiences on their blogs which has helped me shape and better my own writing techniques and overall blog aesthetic. Look out for plenty more blog posts in the new year covering more of the usual topics of Gaming, Music, TV & Film, Life & much more! 

So that about wraps it up for the main resolutions that I have for 2017. I'm sure there'll be plenty more goals and things that I will be wanting to work towards throughout the year but these are the main ones that I have on my mind for now.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2017? Let me know below! 

My 2016 Highlights



Looking back over the past 12 months of my life I'm starting to see how it has been quite a wild one and how I have developed as a whole new and better person. I started the year by travelling on the Interrail with my friend Jon through five European countries. I experienced so much culture, life lessons and also discovered a new me that I desperately needed. I was taken away from my every day life and thrown in at the deep end of having to navigate through new countries over a two week period; all of which had very different cultures, languages, scenery and experiences to what I was used to. Travelling on the Interrail is one of the best experiences that I've done in my life as it completely brought me out of my depressed state that I had during 2015 due to relationships and career hurdles. I guess it kind of gave me the wake up call that I needed, making me realise that this is it. Everything that is now is life. I've always been so focused on my future, working towards the next educational goal, dreaming of that amazing job and picturing a great future for myself that I never really lived in the moment -- and experiencing all of these new countries, cultures and learning their history, taking in how the people who live their lives there live so much differently to myself, I realised that it was utterly impossible to try and stick to an action plan in this life. Life can just throw you too many curve balls and there will always be hurdles so I realised I had to change my outlook by focusing more on the present and my own being before I became depressed; and since that moment I have never felt better about my life.

Spring then came around and after months of hustling on the part-time day job I was able to make another get away to Isle of Man with Lewis to go and see our good mate, Nathan. We stayed for a week, experiencing all that the Isle had to offer us -- mainly pool, beer, good sight seeing and a relaxed slow pace lifestyle. Banging. Again, it was really awesome to just get away from Hull again, experiencing a different way of life and just getting away from the normal routine that is so easy to fall into.

Live Music

A week after getting back from the Isle of Man, Lewis and I headed out to Slam Dunk festival in Leeds. It was our first time at Slam Dunk and we weren't disappointed. We managed to somehow book ourselves into the Queen's hotel and lived like kings for the weekend at somehow ridiculously cheap prices. We saw some of our favourite bands, saw some old friends and generally had an awesome time as the atmosphere around the whole festival site was so good. We've already booked tickets for Slam Dunk 2017! Our festival season didn't stop at Slam Dunk though, with the Summer bringing Hospital Records' their first ever Hospitality In The Park festival down at Finsbury Park, London. The sold out show was the best festival that I've been to. Everyone was there for the same reason, loving D&B. The atmosphere was completely on point and was just such an awesome time. Lewis and I met up with my good friend, Kirstie and spent the day eating, drinking and skanking our faces off to some of the best acts in the D&B genre.

I also got to see Bring Me The Horizon for the third time at Sheffield Arena with Andy, Lewis & Reece this November. Their set was pretty similar to what they played last year in Donny but man, the sound quality, crowd and just all round atmosphere was on a whole new level. I've been listening to BMTH since their first EP and I will always love going to their shows! Hopefully I'll be able to catch them again next year. Seeing all of these bands, producers and DJ's at the festivals and concerts this year really made me appreciate the music that I listen to even more. The metal and D&B genres have helped me through some seriously hard times throughout my life and when the day is coming to an end, I can always put my headphones on and just drown out the world around me.

Being Happy With Myself

Like I said earlier, 2015 was a really low point for me, I was still getting used to living back in Hull after moving back from Brighton. I was in and out of relationships -- some that meant everything to me and others, not so much. I didn't even know if my career aspirations of being a Graphic Designer were what I wanted anymore after putting everything into my work whilst in Brighton and getting little return. So I went into 2016 with the resolution that I wasn't going to worry about future relationships and career, and try and remain fully in the present, enjoying each day as it came to me and let me say that this year, while I've had some lows, has easily been one of my best yet.

 I feel like especially around Autumn time this year, a switch has been turned on in my head from the self development books that I've read, self help media I've watched, the life lessons I've learnt from the people I have and choose to keep around me now. I just feel happier in myself each day, I don't worry too much about what the future brings me because I've come to accept that I can only do so much myself to achieve what I want to happen, the rest comes to me naturally and I can't change that.

I'll be going over what I want to achieve in 2017 in a post coming sometime towards the end of December, so be sure to catch that post too.

Here's to 2017! 

Discovering My Ancestry


I've always been fascinated by history, ancestry and learning about my family origins. I love sitting down with my family, especially my Grandma and learning about where our roots are in the world; having Scottish and German roots in my family tree, I knew that I had to have quite a mixed background of ancestry. After seeing a touching video circulate on social media a few months ago by Momondo I knew I had to take the test for myself. The video featured a room full of people having their DNA tested to see where their ancestry was in the world and lead to some interesting results from people who claimed they were 100% British and then found that they had mixed European heritage. 

At the time, Momondo were running a competition where you could write a short paragraph about why you'd love to have your DNA tested and some lucky winners would receive test kits and even the chance to fly to each of the countries that their heritage was in to learn more about their history. I eagerly signed up and after a few months passed I forgot all about and assumed that I hadn't won anything until I got an email with thanks for participating in the competition. Sadly I didn't win, though I received a 30% discount code to order my own kit through the AncestryDNA website and with the kits having a rather steep price tag of £79 I figured the 30% discount would probably be the best deal that I'd ever manage to find so I snapped one right up through their website.

I received my kit through the mail a few days after ordering it. The kit was super easy to use, all that I had to do was fill up a small tube with my saliva, screw on a lid which released a chemical solution into the saliva which would allow my DNA to be extracted by the scientists back in the lab and then pop it into a prepaid well secured box and post it off back to their lab over in Ireland.

After about 3 weeks of waiting (which was a lot quicker than the original estimated 8 week period of waiting) I received a link to my DNA results through email and I was blown away by my results. As I opened the link I was greeted by the above image of a map which pictured all of the areas that my DNA is linked to in the world. Below the map was the following image of the rough percentages of how my DNA is built up over various regions.

It turns out that I have quite a mixed bag of heritage after all. Obviously, the DNA regional mixtures which show Scandinavia and Iberian Peninsula will be due to the Anglo-Saxon & Spanish Inquisition settlers in the UK throughout history. I was really surprised to see that so many regions made up my DNA though, especially seeing traces of Italian, Greek and parts of Russia! Another interesting feature on the results page was when you click on any of these regions, it opens up a small write up that goes over the history of the regions and shows detailed images (below) on how settlers moved between regions and explains how you probably ended up with that region's DNA being a part of you. 

If that wasn't enough, I also came across another great feature that was a part of my results; not only did I get my DNA results but AncestryDNA had cross referenced my DNA with other members and users of the site who had also done the same DNA test as me and gave me over 116 potential matches of relatives from across the world! From looking at these matches, I apparently have a strong chance percentage of having 4th Cousins somewhere out there in the world. What's more is that a couple of days after viewing this page I received a message from another user who is State side in Pennsylvania, saying that she had seen my DNA matching and we could potentially be related also as she has relatives with the McIntosh clan in Scotland. Perhaps my relative clan McCallum, sept of MacLeod had ties with the McIntosh? 

This is the kind of stuff that makes my hair stand on end, it is just so awesome to see and have so much awesome and thought provoking information laid out to you and made easy to understand. I really can't recommend AncestryDNA enough if you are interested in finding out your heritage and history in the world! 

November Favourites


November has been really good to me this year; it has probably one of the best months that I've had in a long time. I've been lucky enough to go to gigs, see old friends, spend time with some of my closest friends, see some really good movies and play some great games. 


At the beginning of the month it was awesome to see Jon & Adam, whom I used to work with down in Brighton two years ago. They came up to visit me in Hull for the weekend and I showed them what the cold north is like as it was their first time up in East Yorkshire. We headed down Princess & Newland Avenues on the Saturday night where they both said how very different the night life was up here for both good and bad reasons (but mainly good with the massively cheaper price of a pint). On the Sunday we headed to York for the day and it was nice to just have a stroll around the Shambles, pop in and out of a few shops and most importantly; grab a proper Yorkshire Sunday roast beef dinner. I'll be heading away on a roadtrip through parts of western Europe in January with Jon so it was nice to catch up with him again before we go off on another adventure together like that which we did this January on the Interrail.


Before Jon & Adam travelled back down to Brighton we managed to head to the cinema to go and see The Accountant. I went in to this film blind without reading any reviews or hearing much about what the plot would be but seeing Ben Affleck don a god damn Barrett 50 Cal. on every piece of advertisement for it, it had to be good right? Right. It was phenonemal, probably one of the best thrillers that I've seen in recent times as it just kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

It was my birthday on the 22nd and I was lucky enough to be taken to the cinema twice over my birthday week. Firstly, to see Fantastic Beasts and let me say that I have mixed feelings about this film, so mixed that I nearly forgot to even mention it on this blog post. For the first hour or so of the film I felt quite bored. Nothing seemed to be progressing fast enough and the sets and scenes seemed to skip from one place to another far too quickly without fully explaining who the characters were or what was happening. Eventually, things started to pick up and it turned out to be a fairly decent film, though it just didn't hit the spot for me. Hopefully the next films in Rowling's new series of FB films will be better.

The second film I got to see over my birthday was Allied. Lewis & I went to see this film blind having not read any reviews or heard much about the film other than knowing the basic level of the plot that Brad Pitt has to discover whether his wife is a Nazi spy or not and if she turns out to be then he has to be the one to execute her or be hung himself for treason! It was absolutely amazing. We both couldn't stop talking about it after we left the cinema, it was just so gripping and kept you guessing all the way through. My eyes were glued to the screen all the way through the film, I can't recommend it enough!


Metal/Post hardcore/Rock is pretty much all I've listened to throughout this month after going to the BMTH gig back at the start of the month which I previously did a blog post on which you can read here. Whilst trying to battle the post gig blues I started looking for new music to listen to and decided to finally check out Architects after hearing a couple of their tracks earlier in the year. Man, I can't get enough of their latest album 'All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us' with Downfall being my favourite. This month Slam Dunk released some of the bands that will be playing next year and they haven't disappointed! Enter Shikari will be playing and are doing a 10 years of Take To The Skies celebration and boy did I love that album back in my teenage days - remember finger LED glow lights anyone? So the Take To The Skies album has been on repeat a lot since the announcement.

Why not check out the videos below if you haven't heard their music yet!

Architects - Downfall

Enter Shikari - Mothership 


This time of year is always great for gaming, studios and companies are pushing out game after game to compete with each other over the Christmas market and while some can be hit and miss, this year gamers have been blessed with some awesome games. The two that stuck out to me this month have been Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Pokémon Moon. The original Modern Warfare came out back in 2007 and was the go to game for all of my friends and I online on our Xbox/PS3's back in the day. I still played the game right up until this year where I boxed my Xbox 360 into storage. This remaster is so true to the original with the sounds and visuals but gives the game a whole new lease of life with a modern gen lick of paint and sound levels, plus few more added features like the calling card system, new weapon camos and extra prestige levels. I haven't been on it a great deal but the games I've had I've had so much fun (and some degree of stress, as one does with CoD).

Pokémon Moon came out on the 23rd and I happened to have the week booked off of work for my birthday, result! Man oh man I just have not been able to put this game down. It is just so fresh and new but sticks to the original formula well enough that it doesn't alienate old fans of the game series. Some of the new features include a new trial system which replaces the traditional gym badge progression - I know, I know it was a little scary to think that they've scrapped gym badges this time around but I quickly warmed to the idea within the first couple of hours playing the game and now I don't think I could go back to gym progression now! The new Hawaiian themed region, named Alola is so fun to explore and after about 30 hours play time so far, I've yet to feel fatigued whilst playing which has been common in previous games. With the new region there are also heaps of new Pokémon to catch and train and some of the older Pokémon from the original 151 are back this time with a new Alolan look which has also changed some of their typing - for example, Vuplix and Sandshrew are now Ice types, changing from their original Fire typing.

I could ramble on and on about both of these games as I just can't stop playing them in my spare time but I think this is a good place to end this month's blog favourites. Have you had an awesome November too? What did you get up to? Let me know below and let me leave you with this awesome picture of me receiving my starter Pokémon in Moon which will always warm my heart. Cya!

20 Years of Pokémon & Anticipating Sun / Moon


20 Years of Pokémon 1996 - 2016

Pokémon first took the UK by storm in 1999 with the release of Red, Blue & Yellow versions on the Nintendo Gameboy. I was 8 years old at the time and I can remember it like it was yesterday; the school playground was filled with kids trading the collectible cards and talking about everything to do with Pokémon. That year I was lucky enough to get a Gameboy Colour with Pokémon Yellow for my birthday and it took over my life, more or less. After school or football practice, on holiday - wherever I could and with parents allowing me, I'd be on my Gameboy and exploring the Pokémon world in hope of 'catching them all.'

Ask any millennial about their childhood or teenage years and Pokémon will surely pop into conversation; whether it be the anime TV show, collectible cards, Gameboy games or feature films at the cinema; Pokémon was everywhere you looked and it was here to stay. I distinctly remember (as does my Mum, who loves to remind me every time she hears about Pokémon) proclaiming to my Mum that I would love and play Pokémon even once I reached 80. Well, 25 years down and I'm still going strong - 55 to go! Don't just take my word for it on how much it impacted kids lives at the time though, below is the superb fan made trailer directed by John Wikstrom which shows how we grew up with it and also, nods towards the new entries in the franchise - Pokémon Sun & Moon. More on those later.

 Rediscovering Pokémon Thanks To Pokémon Go

Having played each instalment of the franchise (Pokémon Silver being my favourite) through my childhood and teenage years from 1999 right up until when Pokémon Diamond released in 2008, I eventually grew out of touch with the franchise and moved onto other games consoles and hadn't thought about Pokémon all that much. Now, fast forward to Summer 2016 and Pokémon had exploded in the media; adverts were everywhere for the 20 years of Pokémon celebration and the new mobile game 'Pokémon GO' which had just been released. 

I'd write about what Pokémon GO is but unless you live under a rock, you probably already have a general knowledge of what it is. The mobile game took everyone of all ages by storm over the Summer with people grouping up with friends to walk with phones in hand through streets, fields, shopping centres and places of interest in hopes of catching and battling Pokémon which would pop up on their phones. Over this Summer I went out countless times with my friends, some of which I hadn't seen in the longest of times in hope of catching the original Pokémon that we grew up with over 15 years ago. The Pokémon craze was so strong among everyone that it felt just like how it did when it first released when I was a kid; everyone seemed to be talking about and playing Pokémon. My friends, colleagues and I all started watching the original TV show again and some of us even rushed out and bought a Nintendo DS again to play the latest instalments in the franchise. Pokémon GO had brought the Pokémon franchise back to the masses and it didn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Anticipating Sun & Moon

Pokémon Sun & Moon are released worldwide today, 18th November 2016 - with the exception of Europe which get it on the slightly later date of the 23rd and honestly, I am so stoked for this release. It's been awesome (and somewhat self torture) to watch some of my favourite YouTubers and online personalities that I follow get the games early and show the footage. One in particular is Ali-A, who is around the same age as me and its fun to see in him talk of how he also grew up with the franchise and see his enthusiasm for it. 

Looking back at the start of the franchise with the TV show having the trio of Ash, Misty and Brock who went on adventures to unknown parts of a world in hopes of bettering themselves and in pursuit of being 'the very best' and then the games which had a young child leaving home alone on an adventure to traverse the world, capture Pokémon, better his or herself and achieve something better in life; it all starts to reflect in today's world through the lifestyles that many millennials who grew up with the TV show and games are starting to pursue. Many young adults, including myself aren't content with staying in our hometowns and are solo-travelling a lot more, wanting to explore new areas of the world and learn about new cultures. Hell, we even carry our very own device on these adventures not too dissimilar to that of the in-game Pokédex - the smart phone.

I've preordered Moon and I can't wait to get it on the 23rd so that I can explore the awesome looking new Alola region, see new and old Pokémon and experience more of the awesome Japanese spiritual style story-telling. 

Are you excited for Pokémon Sun & Moon and are returning to the franchise? What are your favourite Pokémon memories? Let me know your thoughts on Pokémon down below!

Thoughts On Social Media In Today's World


Social media is a powerful tool; it lets us stay in touch with our friends and loved ones within a few taps, clicks and swipes. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the three main social media platforms that I use daily, all of which have access to millions of users to connect to within seconds, to share our day-to-day life with but I sometimes wonder whether I'm using it for the right reasons.

My history with social media goes back to when I was a young teenager at high school in the early 2000's with Myspace being the place to be at in the online world, to the gradual shift over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through more recent years. From using social media for so long you tend to see a lot of trends that come and go, as well as how users interact with it and over the past couple of years I've found myself becoming more angered, annoyed and just plain fed up with the idea of it because of a number of issues that I have with social media that have all culminated into one big problem for me now.

Keeping up with the Joneses

You sign up to a social media platform, follow your friends, family and loved ones and then maybe you start following your idols, celebrities, favourite actors or people who you may look up to. At the start it all seems really awesome to have access to so many bits of information about these people, seeing information that you might have not otherwise have seen before signing up to social media. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's seen a public figure post a picture with a flash car parked outside a big house on an even bigger driveway, wearing the latest in trend clothes and having a loving partner by their side. They look so happy and with so many likes and comments from their followers who pine for something like this idea of happiness; commenting on that they wished they had what was in the picture. I see so many social media users go out and bust their arses off to achieve something similar to what that happiness was in the picture that was posted online; whether it be by buying the latest product on the market or by being a part of the latest trend - anything to get a feeling of belonging and achievement, and through getting likes, comments and views on their social media posts, users get a temporary buzz which makes them believe that they're doing something right.

I've been guilty of having this kind of behaviour myself a lot in the past and its by noticing these kind of effects that social media has on me before I choose to interact with images like these that I know its time to take a break from it, even if it does just mean closing the app and putting my phone down as it is posts like this which can cause me to question my happiness - am I making the right choices and achieving or doing enough with my life? Especially if I see that someone who is around the same age as me may have more than me and appear to be so happy in their profiles and posts. For all I know they could be miserable or in need but because of the idea of the happiness and a good lifestyle that they have in their pictures it begins to make me self loath and question my own abilities and happiness.

How Social Media Changes Our Interaction With Others

Above is a still from the video 'I Forgot My Phone' by charstarleneTV (click to watch) which shows the daily struggle that many of us have with phones and the internet invading and taking over our lives. I've watched this video multiple times since first discovering it a couple of years ago as I feel that I relate to it so much. I've been in countless situations like that in the image above, where I'm sat in a bar or having a meal with previous partners or friends that appear more interested in reading the next facebook status than actually having a conversation with me. At first I wondered whether it was me - was I too boring? Did I not have enough to talk about? Maybe something really big has just happened on social media and I need to check it out too? Eventually it really started becoming an issue for me and I started to bring it up to some of the people that I was socialising with. The reaction that I got from most people was that they didn't even realise they were doing it or that they were just quickly checking something out. My response was to simply ask them why it couldn't wait and wasn't being in my company enough?

Needless to say there were a few arguments between my past partners and some of my friends (friends who I no longer keep in touch with now. Funny how that works, huh?) and eventually I reached the point where I am at now where I try to not let it bother me. I find myself taking in more of my surroundings and things that are happening around me when I'm in situations where someone is constantly on their phone around me. It feels somewhat like a breath of fresh air, looking at whoever I'm with who is so wrapped up in their phone, eyes glazed over and doing the endless scrolling - to then looking at everything around me, noticing the weather some more, noises in the distance or just mindfully enjoying the silence.

Sometimes though, I wish I could go back to the time where mobile phones were still just a thing that you sent text messages and received phone calls on and weren't so heavily intrusive of our lives or even further back, to when they weren't even a thing but then I remember the pros to social media being a part of our lives now; We can connect to others who share our ideas, be a part of great causes, send hilarious videos to our friends to brighten up their day or send a quick hello to friends. The balance can be hard at times of knowing when to put the phone down and unplug but I think I'm getting the hang of it all.

How do you use your phone and social media? Do you ever feel the need to take a break from it? Let me know down below!

7 Great Reads That Changed My Outlook On Life!


This is the first book post on my blog and I'm quite excited about it as firstly, I've never been a big reader in my spare time until the last couple of years and secondly because of that I've never really talked in depth about books before - so bare with me if I sound like a caveman who has just struck fire. Hopefully this list of books can help you out too if you're looking to better yourself or are just curious! 

I first started reading a lot more through Uni (as one generally does with the amount of essays you have to write) and at the time I was having a kind of quarter life existential life crisis which lead me into looking into a lot of philosophy, self help and mindfulness over the internet - you know, the usual google searches to try and find something to latch onto to help you through hard times. I eventually came across some videos of the renowned philosopher Alan Watts and was fascinated by his forward way of thinking that pushed the boundaries of his time. From there I was hooked on learning more about philosophy, mindfulness and a completely different way of seeing the world around me; and I began to pick up books from various authors which tackled the subjects around mindfulness and bettering oneself.

The Morning Miracle - Hal Elrod

This was the first self help book that I'd ever picked up in my life and if it weren't for my good friend Jack's recommendation of giving it a go I'd still probably be going through life right now, refusing to read a self help book, saying they're all a load of old fubar; how wrong I was. Aimed at changing your daily schedule, even if its just for one hour to get more things done - or less, depending on what you want out of your life, this book talks in a very no nonsense language that makes you engage with it by doing daily practices and exercises to get you into a new mindset in life. Admittedly, I found it hard to stick to the regime each day but overall, I now feel motivated each day, even if I have a free day with nothing scheduled - I set myself tasks, push myself and think on how I can better myself that day to make a better future for myself. It really did change my life.

"Look at it this way. If you quantify that, reading just 10 pages a day will average 3,650 pages a year, which equates to approximately eighteen 200-page personal development/self-improvement books! Let me ask you, if you read 18 personal development books in the next 12 months, do you think that you will be more knowledgeable, capable and confident - a new & improved you? Absolutely!"

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne 

A few years ago I watched The Secret, a documentary about life, the universe and how we are all supposedly connected and driven by a law of the universe called the 'law of attraction.' The documentary originated from the book by Rhonda Byrne who wrote about the supposed secret of the law of attraction that only few people in history knew of; these few people had power, wealth, happiness and prosperity - essentially anything they could dream of, they had it. After being intrigued by the documentary I eventually got around to reading through the book for myself and I'm pretty sure a part of my brain had a Doc Brown 'Great Scot!' moment of new clarity and understanding.

To cut to the chase, the book and theory is essentially about putting yourself in the right frame of mind and asking the universe for what you want out of life and so long as you remain in that positive mindset and actively push for your goals, the universe will make them attract towards you. I know, I know, it all sounds a bit far fetched and like someone cooked it all up to make a quick buck but just give it a try, even if its a quick google search to see the basics - it really does change your outlook on what you want in life for the better. I've seen results myself first hand with money, adventures, friendships and relationships.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (novel)

I picked this novel up after reading a lot of recommendations on Amazon about how it changed peoples lives and with Will Smith & Madonna having nothing but praise on the back of the book I figured I HAD to give it a go. With the theme of the pursuit of happiness, following one's dreams and life lessons, this book really opened my eyes. I remember reading it on my journeys back and forth from Brighton to Hull and I can vividly recall finishing the book and looking out of the train window and just thinking to myself 'Whoa, that explains a lot in life.' I won't spend long singing the praises of this book as really I found it best to go into it without knowing too much about the story but you should totally add it to your reading list! 

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck - Sarah Knight

I picked this book up after seeing it featured on a video from one of my favourite YouTubers, Hannah Witton (click the image below to watch). Finding myself growing more and more angered, stressed and disheartened by a lot of things in my life at the time before reading this book, I knew that I needed something to help me re-evaluate what really mattered to me and what to properly focus my efforts and emotions on. Sarah Knight's writing style is absolutely hilarious and so easy to read, and with little exercises within the pages that get you even more involved with the book than simply just reading it, I felt like it really made the book personal to me. 

I could go on and on about this book until my fingers get RSI but the picture below that I took whilst reading it was one of the main pages that stuck out to me that I'll always remember. Now I know how to give my fucks accordingly! 

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

Without a doubt one of the hardest books that I've ever read. The long winded chapters and very religious heavy themed style of writing did have me disheartened a few times whilst reading it though occasionally through the long slog of getting through the book I'd come across some diamonds in the rough; life lessons, thought provoking lines and enlightenment. Serious TLDR treatment for this book is, to put it bluntly - we as humans spend too long wishing for the future or living in the past, we never truly live within the present moment and to do that is something very few master. This book helped me try and remain in the present and over the last year since reading it I've noticed a change in my outlook and my personality. 

Become What You Are - Alan Watts

This was the first book by Alan Watts that I purchased after watching a load of his teachings and speeches on YouTube and it is filled front to back with highlighter markings over quotes, paragraphs and lines that stood out to me and completely blew my mind. Alan Watts is renowned for bringing the Eastern philosophies and teachings to a Western audience; with his books focusing techniques from Buddhism, Taoism and Zen ways of life - the collection of writings within this book go over living in the now, being in the present moment and living a more calmer, fulfilling life - which is what we all want, right?

"Therefore, the important thing is simply to begin - anywhere, wherever you are. If you happen to be sitting, just sit. If you are smoking a pipe, just smoke it. If you are thinking out a problem, just think. But don't think and reflect unnecessarily, compulsively, from sheer force of nervous habit. In Zen, they call this having a leaky mind - like an old barrel with open seams which cannot contain itself."

The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are - Alan Watts

Currently still on my reading list with just another 100 or so more pages to get through until I'm finished, this book has been my go to read before bed most nights and I should really set aside more time to get to the end of it. The second book by Alan Watts that I've purchased and I plan on purchasing many, many more of his works. Watts was on a whole other level of awakening, understanding life and death and how to live life to the fullest extent. My life has changed so much for the better from reading his teachings and writings, I can't wait to explore even more from him and other authors like him.

"For unless one is able to live fully in the present, the future is a hoax. There is no point whatever in making plans for the future which you will never be able to enjoy. When your plans mature, you will still be living for some other future beyond. You will never, never be able to sit back with full contentment and say, "Now, I've arrived!" Your entire education has deprived you of this capacity because it was preparing you for the future, instead of showing you how to be alive now."

This is one of my favourite quotes from the book and sums up the theme of the book beautifully. A theme that I'm trying to embrace each day more and more, and one that I think a lot of people really should also do!

I hope you guys manage to read at least one of these books as I think they'll really help anyone who is currently in the same negative mindset that I was in myself a couple of years back. Have you read any of these books, if so what were your thoughts? Let me know below!

Bring Me The Horizon @ Sheffield Arena 2016

08/11/2016 Sheffield, UK

What better way to get warm on a cold, dark and grim Sunday night at the start of November than to go and see Bring Me The Horizon return to their hometown as a part of their UK arena tour. I've been looking forward to this gig for so long - after seeing them last November at their sold out show in Doncaster with my mate Andy, I knew that with the larger capacity of Sheffield Arena things would only get better and I wasn't wrong. My good mates Lewis and Reece also managed to bag tickets this time around as well as Andy. We don't get the opportunity to see one another very much lately with work and general life just getting in the way so the four of us couldn't wait to get to Sheffield and catch up before the gig. 

Basement and Don Broco supported the night and things kicked off massively, the arena was absolutely packed and as we moved closer to the front ready for BMTH we still had our own little bubble and weren't packed into the crowd like sardines which made the experience even better. After a few rounds of beer and an insanely good round of music over the sound system which fully hyped us up, BMTH came out to the Yorkshire crowd chant that is always awesome to be a part of!

A video posted by Luke (@hiluketaylor) on

BMTH's setlist was a real emotional trip down memory lane with tracks from Sempiternal, Suicide Season and their latest album, That's The Spirit. My favourite moments from the show were from Can You Feel My Heart and an instrumental visual piece which lead into Doomed, which had Oli talking about his personal struggles of losing loved ones, his wife and friends. All in all, the atmosphere of the night was so intense and it felt like the music meant so much to everyone in the crowd, as well as the band.

Twelve years on, looking back and listening over their material, right back to their first EP 'tiwteoyswmf' its awesome to see how their music has grown and matured. I was 12 at the time when I first started listening to them. Now I'm turning 25 and looking back at how their music has helped me through both hard and good times I can't wait to see what future music they bring out and to see more of their live shows!

Do Not Change The Subject
Let's Go Chase The Sunset
Bring Me The Horizon
Bring Me The Horizon, Now.

Happy Halloween!


It's my favourite time of the year again; Halloween, and I thought it'd be great to write about all of the hallowed, horrific and spooky themed things that I've been up to throughout the month of October. In previous years I've often dressed up (below), gone out and had far too many drinks, leading me to forgetting half of the events I'd even been to. This year I thought I'd take a break away from that and experience a more chilled out halloween filled month of general day-to-day, gaming, TV and film. I guess you could kind of say that this is my monthly favourites post but taken over by Halloween. Yeah, lets go with that.

Pumpkin Carving & Hallowed Brews!

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To start things off, it wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin to carve. After a lot of toying ideas back and forth about what I wanted to carve out of my pumpkin this year, I came across some templates on the Overwatch site for users to print off and get carving their pumpkins with. I decided to go with the awesome Reaper template which was based on his new skin as a part of the Halloween Terror patch (more on that patch below). What better reward after carving a pumpkin than a few hallowed brews to enjoy while watching some horror movies. I'm a sucker for any kind of product or packaging that gets a halloween makeover at this time of year and when I saw these ales in my local shop I had to bag them up.

Halloween In The Gaming World(s)

As I mentioned earlier, Blizzard are back in the Halloween spirit again this year with the addition of the new Overwatch Halloween Terror game mode patch, titled: Junkenstein's Revenge. Released October 11th, The mode pits you and three team mates as Soldier: 76, Hanzo, McCree & Ana in a horde defence based game mode against waves of the evil, zombified Omnic robots; aptly named Zomnics. At certain points of the match the AI controlled bosses Dr. Junkenstein (Junkrat), Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog), The Reaper and The Witch (Mercy) will drop in and give you a real bad time with their ultimate abilities which is can turn into absolute chaos on the hardest difficulty setting. The patch is great fun and packed with new Halloween lootboxes to earn that are filled with spooky new Halloween themed skins, sprays and victory poses. I've been playing so much of Halloween Terror and can't recommend it enough if you're an Overwatch player to go and give it a try before its taken out of the game at the end of the Halloween period on November 1st.

The spookiness has also once again taken over WoW with the annual return of the Hallow's End event with the addition of The Halloween themed toys, pets, weapons and armour and a mount. Adventurers who are brave enough to take on the Headless Horseman have a chance of obtaining the rare Headless Horseman's mount, among other odds and trinkets. Hallow's End is my favourite annual event in WoW as the theme just fits the lore and setting of WoW so well, with an olde world, peculiar and twisted spooky medieval theme. Over the years of playing I've managed to bag myself most of the Hallow's End treats with the mount being my favourite.

Terrifying TV

Finally, it wouldn't be the month of Halloween without some horror shows. I started the latest season of American Horror Story last month but haven't really had the time to sit down and commit to watching it so I thought I'd get myself in gear and set the time aside to watch it while in the spirit of Halloween. The latest season is just as gripping as the previous ones and so far I'm absolutely loving it! Also, The Walking Dead season 7 is finally here and I've just made it through the first episode.. wow - what a whirlwind of emotions that was. Negan is an amazing villain and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the part is phenomenal; I can't wait for more episodes to air!

That just about wraps up all the spooky things that I've been up to during the month of Halloween! What are your plans this Halloween, do you have an awesome costume? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Halloween!

Being an Extroverted Introvert


A couple of years ago I kind of became obsessed over the Myers Briggs Personality Test. A test which sorts you into one of sixteen different personality types depending on how you answer the questions on the test. The sixteen different types are all made up of various combinations of the following character traits of how someone's personality is comprised of:
  • Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E)
  • Intuition (N) or Sensing (S)
  • Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

I was sorted into the Architect - INTJ category, which stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judging. After reading through the details about the category that I had been placed into I felt like someone had just given me a step by step guide to my entire life that I had lead thus far; filled with what kind of emotions I have, how I act around others, relationships, friendships, career goals - everything and it was so accurate!

My test results have been on my mind quite a lot lately as I've taken some time to reflect on what kind of person I've been in my past and what I want the future me to be, because who doesn't want to better themselves every now and then, right? I've always typically considered myself an introvert, someone who would rather sit on the side lines and let others take the spot light in social situations though, if push came to shove I could handle being the centre of attention also - I feel like I've become more extroverted over the past couple of years.

I remember this one particular house party that I went to during my stay in Brighton which sums up my increasingly extroverted introvert personality. To cut to the chase, the party was awesome but it wasn't until the following day that I realised something which changed how I perceived myself; I kept receiving messages off of people from the party, telling me that I was the life and soul of the party, the centre of attention and that they couldn't wait to do something with me again and soon. Being an introvert I couldn't believe it. Me, the life and soul of the party? "But I like to be in my own bubble and keep most people at arms length" I thought to myself at the time. That's when I realised how my personality and the way that I am around others had adapted to the situation that I was currently in - I became more extroverted at the party - but with a catch.

After the party I felt exhausted for the entirety of the following week from the sheer amount of effort that I had put in whilst in front of other people from entertaining them and meeting new people. I needed time to myself again. It was during this week of recuperating that I noticed how I shift from being generally introverted, to extroverted and then back again to an introvert. I began to see similarities in parts of my life where the more extroverted me would come out; going to my job, being with friends and family, meeting new people and going to new places - I come out of my shell, interact with people more and feel happier inside for doing it.

While I do enjoy my alone time when in an introverted mood, whether it be by reading, playing a game or just being in the comfort of my own home, there does come a point where too much of it becomes bad for me and I can feel myself slip into a kind of funk where I need to be around people again and be sociable, I get a feeling of needing to go out and do something new and put myself out there and be more extroverted again. Its a strange and quite fascinating balance that I've become increasingly more aware of in myself and am interested in what kind of personality I'll have years from now, whether it be more extroverted or introverted.

What are your thoughts? Are you extrovert or introverted? Do you get a kick out of being the centre of attention and being around people constantly or do you value alone time? Let me know below! 

September Favourites


September came and went so fast for me, I seemed to be constantly busy throughout the entire month with two trips to London and whole bunch of extra hours at work, all while struggling to maintain a social life. It has been such a great month for me though and exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries and get a change from the norm, especially with my time in London during my visit to the Harry Potter Studios and then again for Hospitality In The Park. My favourites this month consist of TV, Gaming and Music due to what spare time I've had and what I've been able to fit in.


Let's start with what I've intermittently managed to catch on the box whilst I've had an hour or so spare. American Horror Story Season 6 started and while I still need to watch season 4 & 5, luckily each season is a completely different story and doesn't really require you to watch the previous season so I caught the first episode and really liked how they're portraying the story like a documentary, with the characters talking about the events of this season's horror story. Its all quite in the dark at the moment and not much of the plot has really been given away but I'm liking the foundations that have been made so far! I've also managed to catch a few more episodes of MadMen and Peaky Blinders, with only one more episode of season 1 of the Blinders left to watch. Both have also been really good but again, its just finding the time to set aside to watch them both, hopefully I'll make some more progress on them through October.


Drum and Bass has taken high priority this month with Hospitality In The Park absolutely smashing it this month. I had such a great time at Hospitality, it was hands down the best live music experience that I've been to. As such, when I got home all I could listen to was more and more D&B. Some of my favourite releases this month have been Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension Remix) and Kove - Bring Me Life. High Contrast played the Strobe remix during his set at the end of the night at Hospitality and it just killed the dance floor with a massive build up vibe and an explosive delivery once it gets going.


After I managed to pull myself away from playing WoW in what small spare time I've had this month, I've also been making some slight progress on Uncharted 4 which my friend lent me for my PS4. I can't get over how good this game looks graphically and how well the voice acting work is with the cast. It does at times however, feel more like a movie than a game as some levels are very scripted and a slog to get through, leaving me with some fatigue and feeling that some levels were drawn out more than they should have been. I played the previous three games on the PS3 though and am interested to see how the story of Nathan Drake ends in this instalment.

I LOVE this time of year. I'm hoping to see a lot of horror movies, play lots of horror games and hopefully get dressed up over Halloween which is just around the corner. Until next month's favourites post, see you!

Hospitality In The Park 2016

25/09/2016 Finsbury Park, London N4, UK

Okay, so - where to begin? Hospitality in The Park was insane!

The lowdown: My favourite Drum and Bass record label, Hospital Records put on their first ever Hospitality festival with a massive host of acts performing at Finsbury park this weekend and after having our early bird tickets purchased in advanced since April earlier this year, we were more than ready for this to kick off.

My friend Lewis and I started our weekend by heading down to London on Friday which meant we could explore some of London on the evening before the festival on the Saturday. We checked into our hotel which was right on the doorstep of Finsbury Park and headed out onto the tube, where we stopped off in Shoreditch for a night of food and drinks which acted as a nice little warm up session before the full day at the festival.

After an hour long queue to get in due to some prolonged sound testing, we managed to make our way into the festival, along with thousands of other people who kept coming in throughout the day. We also managed to meet up with my friend Kirstie, whom the last time I met up with was down in Brighton for Hospitality @ Concorde 2 around two years ago! There was such a good vibe around the site with plenty of people repping Hospital and other DnB record label merchandise, it was an awesome feeling knowing everyone was there for the same reason - a love for DnB music.

With a sold out attendance of 10,000 people, the day just got better and better as more people came in and the crowds in each tent made the event come to life. We managed to see quite a good selection of artists from Maduk, Etherwood, Friction, Fred V & Grafix, Critical Sound System, Spectrasoul B2B LSB, Bailey, Nu:Tone B2B Logistics and High Contrast. The ones that stole the show for me being Etherwood, Maduk and High Contrast with just absolute roller after roller playing out.

Needless to say, now that Lewis and I are back home after a midday train ride back to Hull, we're both feeling some serious post festival blues and just want to be back in all of the atmosphere with the good vibes rolling. Same again next year please, Hospital?

A video posted by Luke Taylor (@hiluketaylor) on

A video posted by Luke Taylor (@hiluketaylor) on

The Making of Harry Potter - Warner Bro. Studio Tour

18/09/2016 Watford, UK

Being well overdue for a much needed get away break to de-stress and briefly get away from the daily grind, I decided to book a trip down to London for three days this week with Tori; with the main focus of the trip on being able to visit The Making of Harry Potter - Warner Bro. Studio Tour, down in Watford. I booked us in at a cosy little hotel in the Paddington area of London where we could see the sights of London over the course of our stay whilst being in comfortable travelling distance of the Harry Potter studios in Watford.

We were able to catch a train straight to Watford Junction, to then hop on board a shuttle bus which the WB Studio Tours ran every 20 minutes directly to the studios. Upon arriving at the studios we were taken through to a small cinema style screening room, where we were shown a few brief montages of the creation of Harry Potter and given a brief introduction to the studios by staff all dressed in Hogwarts robes. After their introduction speech the cinema screen rose and the entrance to Hogwarts' Great Hall stood before us. The tour guide had us leave our seats and make our way up to the stage where we went through the entrance of the Great Hall to begin our tour. As we headed through the doors you got the sense that you were leaving the muggle world and stepping into the magical world as we were instantly greeted by all of the props and sets used during the filming, all while the theme music from the films played in the background.

 The tour around the various exhibits was really in depth, giving lots of information about the making behind the various pieces on display. I loved how you could get right up close and see the very small details, whether it be of your favourite character's costume, a large set piece or a step by step visual process of how they made various designs; some of which, for example, the Chamber of Secrets and Gringots Bank Vault doors were a lot smaller in scale than I originally would have expected them to be, though it didn't diminish how awesome they looked in person. 

There was so much to see in all directions, I'm certain that I must have missed some things as there was just so much to take in. It was a great feeling to be so fully immersed into the world of Harry Potter with the theme music playing in the background, tour guides around various exhibits explaining the sets and props, and recorded videos of the actors explaining their roles. There were people of all ages attending during our time slot at the studios; which emphasised the fact that the Harry Potter franchise has has become such a large phenomenon since when the books first released back in 1997.

I really loved how well planned out the studio tour was with it being in a large warehouse/hangar style studio, the layout was really spacious with exhibits to see from every angle, whether it be the selection of wands used by the actors at eye-level or Dementors suspended above; no matter where you looked you felt really immersed in the magical world. The both of us walked around the exhibit like two kids at Christmas, getting excited over all of the props that were on display and reminiscing over the films. 

One of my favourite moments at the studios was entering the area where the Hogwarts Express stood. It was so impressive to see in person with the steam emitting from towards the front of the train every few minutes. Towards the rear of the train was a great display with mannequins of both Harry and Ron's costumes sat in the carriage with the selection of sweets that Harry bought in the first film during their journey to Hogwarts; whilst opposite were the costumes of Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron's costumes from the final film where they are seeing off their children at Platform 9 3/4. It was quite a heartwarming contrast, being able to see the costumes and sets which showed the growth in maturity from two innocent boys eating a variety of magical sweets, to grown adults sending their children off to Hogwarts also.

Whilst at the studios we had the opportunity to grab some food from the on sight cafe which featured none other than the famous Butterbeer drinks, with the option to be served in a souvenir plastic stein to take home (with an increased price point, of course). The taste was quite, shall we say - unique; reminding me of Butterscotch, caramel and a hint of cream. It was very sickly, though a novelty to drink never the less. Tori wasn't too keen on the taste so I drank the majority of hers too, which was a huge mistake, leaving me feeling worse for wear.

Concluding the tour was the Pièce De Résistance, a model of the full Hogwarts Castle, used in filming for when the camera did panning shots of the castle with some added special effects. Held in the centre of the room with a walkway circling it from every angle, it was an impressive sight to behold and gave me such a buzz to see in person; bringing back so many memories of reading the books and going to see the films when they released with my friends as kids. The roughly three hour long journey through the studios came to a climactic end and was so much better than either of us had imagined it to be. The both of us left the studios on a complete Harry Potter high, having so much fun viewing the various displays. I can't recommend the studio tours enough, these few photos from the over 300 that I took around the tour really don't do it justice, its simply a must see for any Harry Potter fan!

Of course, no visit to the Harry Potter studios would have been complete unless I spent far much more than I care to admit at the gift shop. I picked up a Ravenclaw t-shirt, Iron on patch, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Magical Chocolate Frog, Death Eater Wand and a Ravenclaw scarf which is currently wrapped around my bed post. (Go Ravenclaw! am I right?).

Have you been to the Harry Potter studios? Do you have any questions about the studios if you're planning a future visit, leave a message in the comments below!

August Favourites


This month was a pretty busy one for me, packed mainly with lots of TV & film and gaming. I've been getting up to quite a lot of things lately and figured I should really start making a favourites list each month to keep a track of the highlights that each month brings me. 


During August I managed to watch the entire season of Stranger things in one day, which isn't all that hard when there weren't any dull moments in the plot. The eight episode long season had me hooked from the start, with a Goonies style sense of adventure, aura of mystery, high suspense and great cast. I need season 2, now! I also started Mad Men this month; with being a Graphic Designer myself, I've wanted to watch Mad Men for some time now as it is set during America's golden age of Capitalism, Consumerism and Advertising, one of my favourite periods of recent history (Ah, the American Dream). I finally sunk my teeth into the first couple of episodes this month but unfortunately haven't had much time to really sit down and watch more of it, it's high up on the to-do list though. Finally, I also started to find myself becoming obsessed with Peaky Blinders, hell, I even went for a Thomas Shelby haircut. Again, I'm only a couple of episodes into the first series but I'm really digging it so far. I can't recommend all three of these programs enough!


Some great films have come to theatres this Summer, my favourites among them have all released during this month. First off, let's talk Nerve; I wasn't expecting a great deal from this film but was pleasantly surprised with the plot, casting and visual effects. One thing I picked up on was that lately, a lot of films are featuring on screen text/messaging/app use when a character is using their phone and showing messages popping up in real time rather than just a close up of their phone in hand; I think its an awesome way of progressing the plot and gives the option for some nice cinematic visuals to accompany them. For instance, the main character, Vee, was cycling and there was a kind of 'rule of thirds' happening on screen with her on the bike, a large open spacious background and the texts that she was receiving were popping up in the background. Just a little added touch to the film but it scratched those creative itches that I get when watching media. 

Next up, Suicide Squad. I'll keep this short and won't go into too much detail about how much I liked the film as I mentioned it over on my previous blog post over here - where I discussed Marvel & DC. I really loved how Joker & Harley's relationship was portrayed and Will Smith just being, well.. Will Smith. Sure the plot was a little hit and miss and I did leave the cinema wanting more but I guess they've set the scene now and can follow on with more Suicide Squad/villain focused DC films.

Lastly, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie I text my mate and got us tickets to go see it the following day. With an American Pie, Teen movie feel to it but slightly more mature, I absolutely loved this film. It was hilarious, stupid and just an all round fun film to watch with Adam DeVine rendering me in stitches laughing for the majority of his time on screen. This is definitely one to pick up when it gets a DVD release for a night in with friends and a few drinks.


Blizzard have once again had me over a barrel this month and had their way with my wallet but god damn it, they make outstanding games. Let's start with World of Warcraft: Legion. As someone who has played WoW on and off again over the course of eight years I can say that no other Warcraft expansion even comes close when it comes to how much fun I've had whilst playing through Legion. After checking out a few twitch streamers and reading a few articles about the new expansion I reinstalled the base game and pre-purchased Legion the day before release. Whilst checking out some of the many new features, I immediately found myself fully immersed into the world of Azeroth again for more whirlwind adventures and classic Blizzard storytelling. Whether you're a new or veteran WoW player, now is definitely the time to play such an awesome MMORPG.

Whilst we're on the topic of Blizzard, I have to talk about my experience with Overwatch this month. After a month or so break from the game after getting a little disheartened with the competitive feature that was implemented I figured I'd give it another shot and boy was I glad that I did, up until the release of Legion, Overwatch is all that I've been playing. I love how simple the game is and that you can just hop into a quick 10-20 minute team and skill based game and then log off feeling like you've accomplished something, a feeling that no FPS has given me since CoD4.

Finally, let's end with the Battlefield 1 beta. Man do I love what DICE are doing with the Battlefield franchise; no other military FPS game makes you feel like you're a part of a huge battle and gives the feeling that every player in the match is an integral part of the struggle to victory. Whether it be that you're a medic on the ground giving the rest of your team medkits to survive the next bombardment of artillery that's being called down on your position from afar or that you're taking the fight to the enemy in a tank filled with 4 other people, Battlefield 1 is another fine addition to the franchise. I've played a few matches on the open beta on PC and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with it so far - in fact, I'm trying to write this post as quickly as possible so that I can get back into the action with it!

Which TV, Films and Games have you been enjoying lately, do you have any recommendations? Let me know down in the comments!
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