So I Guess I'm A Blogger Now?


Now then! Somehow, whether by complete mistake or by some bizarre turn of events, you thought that it'd be good idea to check out my blog and see some of my adventures, experiences and rants and ravings (okay, mostly rants and ravings). So I thought I'd make this little blog post for starters, for anyone who has found themselves here and asked the question: 'Just who the hell is this guy anyway?'

Let's set the scene with some background on where my life is at right now, shall we?
  • Graduate nearly three years ago in a field of work that I've been pursuing for over a decade; check.
  • Move across the country for an internship and move back home after it doesn't work out; check.
  • Dabble in freelance, various creative escapades and slowly lose the will to live; check.
  • Work part-time in a mundane job wandering what you really want out of life; check.
  • Set off to travel various parts of the world in some quarter life existential crisis to find out what I really want out of life; check.
  • Become blogger, in progress...

This is me!
Am I doing this right?

All jokes, sarcastic and somewhat terrible writing aside though, I'm super excited to start this whole blogging thing. I've tried it several times over on Tumblr and other blogging sites but never really took the metaphorical bull by the horns and really gave it a good go, partly because I always found an excuse not to stay committed to and set time aside for updating a blog; like that one friend you always bump into in the street, go on to exchange in conversation the fact that the two of you really must meet up again for a catch up, knowing full well that neither party really wants to commit to it. But that's a whole other can of worms that I'll leave unopened until another blog update. (Phew)!

If by some miracle you're still here after reading all of the above, wahoo! I hope you enjoy your stay for future blog updates where I'll be going through the things that matter to me the most including, but not limited to books, design, fashion, film, gaming, music, tattoos and travelling.

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