Humber Street Sesh 2016

08/08/2016 Hull, UK

I caught the festival bug after heading to Slam Dunk in May and knew I had to get myself to another one pronto. Luckily, Humber Street Sesh was just around the corner on the first weekend of August so I bagged myself a ticket a week prior to the event and counted down the days 'til I'd be heading to meet some friends and spend another day drinking and listening to live music in the sun.

I headed to meet some friends at Street Sesh in the afternoon just as things seemed to be kicking off and the crowds were rolling in; managing to grab a pint after waiting in one of the many long queues at the bar areas just before Audio Subscene kicked off on the main stage. Subscene were one of the only bands that I was interested in seeing, as I went to Uni with the guitarist, Stu, and have worked with the band over the past few years, doing their single and EP artwork for them. They're a sick bunch of lads and they played a great set, its always great to see them live and hear the new material that they're working on as well as their usual take on Led Zepp's Whole Lotta Love - one of my all time favourite songs.

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After catching Audio Subscene I wasn't really too fussed about heading to a certain stage to catch any particular set so I caught up with some friends and flitted around between people, managing to catch up with old friends, people I hadn't seen in years and met new people. It was a nice atmosphere with the sun shining, beers flowing and music playing. Everything was really chilled out. The only downside was the insanely long waiting times of over an hour to get a drink, as the pumps they were using for beer were as much use as a chocolate fire guard, pumping out nothing but head. All the drinks really should have been laid out ready and pre-poured like at Slam Dunk. Regardless, I'd still recommend Street Sesh to anyone of all ages that are looking for a day filled with music, art, culture and entertainment!

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