Recent Favourites (February & March)



Let me try to quickly round up the three games that I've been playing lately which have had me completely hooked and in awe. First up, Overwatch - now if you've read my gaming posts on here before, you'll know that its no secret that I love me some FPS, team based Overwatch fun. I haven't experienced so much love/hate/anger/stress whilst playing a game since back when I used to play CoD4 competitively in ranked matches circa 2008/9. It is a pain in my arse, but a good pain. The strive to want to better myself when I know I've been outplayed by an opponent, the want to unlock new skins for my favourite characters and the hilarious meme-filled community that surrounds the game (I need healing!) all add to the overall awesome experience of the game which always keeps me coming back, no matter how many times I tell myself that I'm done for the night - especially after games against Genji/Mei/Roadhog. *Shakes fist*

Next, let me tell you about the beauty that is Horizon Zero Dawn. Holy **** this game is amazing and if you own a PS4 I seriously suggest you rush out to the shops and purchase it now! When the game was first revealed (see reveal trailer below) at E3 2015 by Guerrilla Games - famous for their Killzone franchise, I was blown away by how original and beautiful this brand new IP looked. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Reveal Trailer

Fast forward to towards the end of 2016 where more footage of the game had been released, my interest had peaked even more though not enough to warrant making a preorder for a new IP (which is always risky). Then, on February 28th this year, HZD was finally released and I picked it up on day one after reading multiple reviews from outlets giving it really solid scores. After just the first hour or so of gameplay, I was already fully committed to the game's protagonist, Aloy and her story in the harsh, yet beautiful new world that I had in front of me, ready to explore. I'm currently sitting at around 35% completion at the moment and fully intend to explore as much of HZD as possible to learn as much as I can about this new IP and the secrets that Guerrilla have put into it. I've already found a few Killzone easter eggs! 

Finally, like I didn't have enough to play already, Battlefield 1's first DLC came out on the 14th March and I had my first session with the lads on it last night. The DLC, titled 'They Shall Not Pass' introduces the French Army to the game along with a load of new gun unlocks to work towards, new maps and even a new game mode too. I've put quite a few evenings worth of game time into the DLC as I write this and I can't wait to get the lads together again and again for future sessions. Well done DICE for delivering another awesome DLC. Check out the awesome trailer for the DLC below.

Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass Trailer

TV & Film

The Walking Dead is finally back after the midseason break and I have been so ready for it! Negan is by far my favourite villain of any TV show that I've watched in recent history, as his charm, charismatic approach and sly but deadly character keeps me on the edge of my seat with my eyes fixated on the television. I am a little concerned with how the show will 'end' per se though as there just doesn't seem to really be any end in sight. The show seems to be moving away from focusing on the zombie threat and instead towards how the human survivors deal with one another in their small societies within the post apocalyptic world, which can sometimes get a little too bland.

Onto the big screen now and I've been lucky enough to see a lot of big hits at the cinema lately with friends and family. First up, John Wick: Chapter 2 and oh my sweet Gun-Fu lord, Keanu is back and better than ever as far as I'm concerned. I'm a huge Keanu fan and seeing how he's grown into more and more of a badass over the years has been nothing but amazing. Chapter 2 has gone straight into my top films of all time and for good reason, the film picks up straight after the first one and just throws you straight into the strange, non-stop action underground world of guns, fast cars and unique charm from the get go. There was just so much action to take in and the level of skill Keanu has with a gun is an nothing short of an art form to witness. I can't wait to pick this film up on Blu-Ray and experience it all over again!

In the same week as seeing John Wick: Chapter 2 I also went to see Hacksaw Ridge which I was a little dubious about, as it was a war film set on the pacific front between the war of U.S.A & Japan and I know how much Hollywood love to wave the US flag and get all patriotic on the big screen. Well, my preconceptions of the film went completely out of the window within the first 30 minutes or so of screen time. This film had absolutely everything in it; a love story, solid character building, a superb cast, amazing visuals and a gripping TRUE story. I definitely nearly teared up a couple of times, especially at the end credits though I managed to keep it all together and left the cinema having experienced an amazing film! Definitely another one to pick up on release.

Logan was the final film that I went to see at the cinema recently and like the John Wick & Hacksaw, it too has gone straight into my 'favourite films of all time' collection. This film is an absolute masterpiece and a must see for fans of Wolverine. Looking back at Hugh Jackman's role as The Wolverine in the X-Men films which has spanned over the last 17 YEARS. That's right - the grizzled Australian has held the role of Wolverine for nearly two decades and holds a very special place in my heart as I grew up with the X-Men film franchise. This final entry to the Wolverine/X-Men franchise with Jackman as Wolverine took on more of a human, love and family story more so than a typical superhero film and definitely nearly brought me to tears a couple of times throughout. The Wolverine is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite Marvel hero and to see him brought to life by Jackman one last time was excellent.


Finally, to wrap up my favourites over the past couple of months I'll quickly drop a mention to the awesome guys over at Funhaus. Their unique, dead pan and down right insane humour on their gaming channel has had me hooked since they first started their channel. I've been a huge fan of Adam, Bruce and Lawrence since their days at Machinima and its been great to see them grow over the past few years, even more so when they left Machinima and went to work under Rooster Teeth as Funhaus. Lately, their content has just come on leaps and bounds from what they used to produce when they first became Funhaus; their style of humour is full of so much whit and is delivered so well that I'm left in tears from laughing so much after a video more often than not. I've embedded a link below to one of the more recent videos that really made my day when I watched it, I hope you guys find it just as hilarious as I do!

1-2-Drunk - Drunk Nintendo Switch Gameplay


That just about wraps up the majority of my favourites over the past couple of months as I've been busy and had the ol' blog on the back burner. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things more with my blog though, as I already previously released a post recapping what I've been up to lately and my future plans earlier this month which you can check out HERE. What have your favourites been lately, have you seen any awesome movies or played a game that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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