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A week or so ago I came across a post by @veewilde on Twitter (you should check out her awesome feed for Witch themed vibes) which showed her doing some Tarot readings and I was immediately drawn to it as Tarot has always been something that's piqued my interest though I've never gotten around to having a reading done myself so I had to get in touch with her to find out how she did it and where to go about getting a set of Tarot cards myself.

Vee was super kind and replied to me with info on where to get some cards and gave me some tips for doing my own readings. After reading up a little more into Tarot and the cards themselves I went with a present/future ten card kind of reading and I was that taken a back by it that I thought I'd have to share it on here with you guys. Below I've put the captions that I found aligned to my reading. 

Knight of Swords - Action, Bravery, Capacity.
The Star - Bright prospects.
Two of Cups - Love, Passion.
The Moon - Danger.
Two of Swords - Conformity and the balance of courage and friendship.
Ten of Cups - Contentment, Taking charge of interests at hand.
Page of Cups - A studious youth, Rendering a service.
The World - Assured success along a route, Change of place.
Wheel of Fortune - Destiny, Success, Happiness.
King of Swords - Power, Judgement. 

Whilst each of these cards do have meaning on their own, together -- from what I can make out, with it being my first reading -- I was able to do a present and future reading of my situation in life. Here's what I read from drawing these cards.

I am currently working with hope of a brighter future towards a passion of mine, though along the way I'll encounter hidden dangers of previous contentment. Contentment can be achieved though (for better or worse). During this situation I'll be compelled to do service for good, which I'll be successful with. In the future, along this path I'll have the worry of my hopes and passions not working out though the hard work will pay off and I'll achieve my success. This success could place me in a position of power or I could be very judgemental of my own success, achievements or work.

Okay so, bearing in mind that I am a complete novice at this and probably have no idea what I'm doing, this is seriously far too accurate to just be coincidence. This pretty much just explained my entire thought process and feelings about my creative side and my goals for the future. I have recently started to pursue my creative works again after having some down time. I believe that these hidden dangers along the way is my own self doubt which often appears when I'm creating art. As for the contentment I believe that sometimes I can finish my art and be content with what I'm done though believe I could have made something better. The service for good is 100% my Purpose project which I created to try and inspire goodness in others, which was received well by many. As for the future, I'll always have the worry of not knowing where my creative side takes me in life as its such a hard thing to break into though to see success and a position of power being an end result does give me some reassurance.

[I also did a reading on my Mum too which was 100% her, with completely different cards to mine and just matched her current and future situation so much. Man, Tarot is fucking awesome.]

So yeah, that's what I took away from my first go at Tarot reading; I had such an awesome time learning about these cards and doing this reading, I can't wait to do more with them and do more readings for other people too!

Have you tried Tarot, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know below! 

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How do! If you checked out my previous blog post you'll know that I briefly talked about my most recent personal project 'Purpose' and whilst it was awesome to briefly mention it in that post; I really felt like I needed to give my month-or-so long project more justice and give it a little bit more of a write up within a blog post of it's own.

Ask yourself "what is your purpose in life? What compels you to get out of bed in a morning?" This is the question which I first asked myself and based the start of my project around. It was whilst watching The Minimalist's short animated YouTube video series, based around life and focusing on what really matters that I started to think about the word purpose and the meaning of it. I really started to dwell on the thought of our individual purpose, that of friends, family and loved ones.

From this, I got that feeling in the back of my mind -- that sense of urge, a drive, something that just kind of kick starts something in your very core that makes you want to do something. For me, as a creative person, that feeling often comes along when I get a new idea for a creative piece, which recently hasn't happened all too often, as I had a creative dry spot up until the purchase of my iPad Pro, which gave me that creative spark back! (Click here to read more about that in my other blog post). It was at this moment that I knew I had to create something based around the word purpose and the meaning of it to present to an audience to try and make them think a little differently and provoke some mindfulness, if only for a few minutes out of the day.

I set out straight away and started asking close friends and acquaintances what they believed that their purpose in life was and recorded my findings in my journal for the project. I decided to try and keep the project evenly split between male and female answers, along with different areas around the country and from different job roles, walks of life, etc. In hopes that I would get varying replies. The first batch of replies that I got were really interesting; ranging from short and snappy responses, to really in depth thought provoking ones. This is exactly what I'd hoped for and more.

After getting my first few replies I decided to compile my initial thoughts based upon these replies, taking note of who took part, their age, job roles, where they were from, their initial reaction to being questioned and more -- essentially, anything that could help me narrow down and analyse as to why they gave that particular answer. From this initial analysis, I then went onto ask even more people and then decide on what it was that I wanted to do with my findings and how to present it to people. The last thing that I wanted was to gather all of this information and then present it in a belittling or demeaning manner to my audience. I wanted the people whom I had questioned to feel assured that their replies were treated with respect and used for something good in mind.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this project was noticing how people replied to my question. Some replied instantly, others I had to question again and again to try and get an answer out of them and others seemed to kind of shrug the question off. This all really helped my findings though as it was awesome to see so many different beliefs, interests and thoughts from different people out in front of me on paper.

Once I had all of my responses written down, I started to read over them and really think on what it was that I wanted to create out of this project and what I wanted to put out into the open for the world to see. I wanted to make a difference, even if it was only for a minute out of someones day during their coffee break. I thought on making all kinds of media from prints, t-shirts, webpages and leaflets before finally deciding on making a short film, between 5-10 minutes long. The idea was to write out a script based upon my findings and commentate it over some kind of vector illustration or movie and after about a month or so of working on it between my day job and some rest, I arrived at the end result. Here it is, I hope you enjoy.

So ask yourself "what is my purpose in life? What compels me to get out of bed in a morning?" 

I hope you enjoyed this personal creative project as much as I enjoyed creating it. I've had feedback from several people saying that it really changed their outlook on life and made them think just a little bit differently. I can't wait to start my next creative piece which has a little purpose behind it, whatever it may be. Please do leave your comments below on what you think your purpose is in life also, I'd love to hear them!

The video is also available to watch on YouTube and on my website.

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Getting Back Into The Blogging Game


Now then! It's been quite a while since I last did a blog post and I can honestly say that its just because of the fact that I've been so busy with life -- in a good way; constantly busy creating, pushing myself to do more and more good things, with good people (as well as, you know, the boring part-time day job but lets not dwell on the negative here). I've felt this constant wave of being super stoked and just really hyped with everything that I've been doing in life lately so let me give you the quick run down of what I've been getting up to since my last blog post back in July!

Firstly, I mentioned back in my previous blog post that I'd purchased an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as kind of a positive affirmation to myself to keep pushing myself to create more art and further develop my own style whilst broadening my creative horizons beyond just the Graphic Design discipline. Let me tell you, this piece of kit is easily the best product I've ever purchased to help me in a creative way. Lately, I've felt like I've been tied down by the Mac at home and even if I use a friend's MacBook whilst out and about I still struggle to get my ideas out onto the screen but no more -- the iPad is awesome, I can sketch so many thoughts out daily and really spend time to develop those ideas that I feel have potential.

Over the past couple of months I've introduced a couple of really big lifestyle changes for myself. In my previous blog post, 'Change' I talked a lot about The Minimalists (check out that blog post to learn about the Minimalists and potentially have your life changed) and its thanks to their podcasts, books and videos that I feel like my whole outlook has just done a complete 180 -- I mean I feel like I was a pretty chill, zen and progressive dude before absorbing their content but damn, I just feel enlightened as fuck at the moment and there seems to be no end to it, its truly an awesome feeling!

I also think that its with thanks to embracing their content lately that I've seen more of my friends, made time for the people I truly want in my life, really stuck at and more importantly actually enjoyed my creative work, stopped chasing after girls and focused on numero uno, myself.

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After getting such a creative buzz with my iPad I figured why stop there -- I started up a small creative video project entitled 'Purpose' which I think I'll really have to cover on an entirely separate blog post on as it deserves more justice than a brief mention within this post. To cut to the chase, this project about life really connected me with some people that I've been out of touch with for too long and has helped me be more true to my creative self. If you're intrigued as to what the hell I'm talking about, go and check out the full Purpose video if you haven't done already - hopefully it'll get you thinking and maybe change your outlook on life!

With the great feelings that I'd been vibing off of with my iPad artwork I decided to finally give myself the push that I needed to get around to redesigning my website and of course, this blog! After a mind boggling couple of days of trying to sort out web domains and giving my brand a new lick of paint I finally landed on having customtaylor as my creative based work webpage, whilst having customtaylorlife to show the personal, blogger side to my identity. I feel hyped every time I go across all of my social media platforms and web pages as it is finally all together and feels like an actual brand image that I've had pictured in my head for so long but always struggled to get off the ground.

Anyway, I think that pretty much covers the really stand out things that have been happening lately for me; I'm super stoked with everything that I'm working towards right now and as I type this I've got tonnes of ideas flying around my head, ready to be put out into the open so yeah, if you dig what I create please do follow me on your favourite social media channels and get in touch with me too!

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