MCM Comic Con London 2017

09/11/2017 London, UK

MCM London, Saturday Pass

I've wanted to attend Comic Con for the longest time and now finally, last month I was able to attend in London with Alex, Ben & Matt. I really didn't know what to expect whilst we were travelling to it, with it being my first time going to a Comic Con but all expectations were blown out of the water as it was such a brilliant day filled with Comics, Games, TV, Film and all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia, along with a hell of a lot of cosplay.

After quite a lengthy wait to get into the con due to a lot of security checks, long waiting queues and generally such a hell of a lot of people trying to get inside at once, we finally made it inside and once inside Ben, Matt and myself all felt that our choice of not getting dressed up was a major bad move; Alex, on the other hand had dressed up and was in his element with people already snapping photos of him and talking to him about his costume within only a few minutes of being inside. We pretty much became Alex's entourage and photographers for the day, more or less. 

Thor, Hulk, Hela & Grandmaster Costumes for Thor: Ragnarok

Upon entering the con, one of the first areas that we walked through featured a hell of a lot of Marvel figures, memorabilia, collectibles and all odds and ends. Among them was this awesome little exhibition stand which featured some of the costumes from the latest Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok. It was great to get up close to the costumes and see all of the little details on the weapons and armour. I love the new look that Thor has on this film and the Norse mythology mixed with space/sci-fi opera theme, similar to that of Guardians of the Galaxy is something really unique.

Awesome Cosplay

The best thing about the whole day for me was how so many attendees were dressed in cosplay. A lot were so well made and you could tell that a lot of passion, love and care went into creating the costumes that they wore. It was great to see different people cosplaying together as well, often you'd see different groups of friends mixing with one another, like when two cosplayers dress as the same character but both went about creating the costume in completely different ways and stood talking about how they went about creating them or how perhaps a Joker would play off of someone dressed as a Harley. 

Here are some of the cosplays that really stood out to me the most on the day.

Left: Tyrande (Warcraft) Right: Ghost (CoD MW2)

Left: Mera & Nightwing (DC Comics) Right: Urdnot Wrex & Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)

Left: Tux Trooper (Star Wars) Right: Wonder Woman (DCEU) 

Collectibles, Collectors and Creators

There were stands, stalls and exhibits everywhere you looked, filled with all matter of collectibles. Admittedly, a lot of it kind of went over my head or didn't interest me all that much as the majority was Anime/Manga orientated, which I've never really delved into (though after returning home from the con, a week later I did pick up 'Deathnote Vol. 1' from my local Waterstones to see what all the fuss was about). We also came across the awesome independent gaming clothing and lifestyle brand Insert Coin's stand and saw some great Pokémon themed clothing; and whilst doing so happened to bump into PokéTuber, Bird Keeper Toby who was so humble and such a nice person to meet. Check out his content if you're a Pokémon fan!

Overall Thoughts on Comic Con From A First-Time Attendee 

After a long day of taking pictures of all manner of cosplay, nerding out over some great exhibitions and drooling over some rare collectibles that would cost me a small fortune, Comic Con sadly came to an end for the day and we had to make tracks back to Hull. My first con was an awesome 10/10 experience which honestly I don't really know how it could have been any better, perhaps if I also dressed up and got involved in some pictures? There's always next year I guess! 

If I had to take away one thing and one thing only from my first con experience though, would be just how amazing it was to be amongst other people who are all there for the same thing; all interested in similar media that I love, whether it be games, TV or fim, everyone was there for the same purpose and were able to fully express themselves without fear of judgement from the outside world. There appeared to be (from what I could see anyway) no judgement, fear or hatred of anyone or thing within the con, everyone was so happy to be there and it was just such a buzz to see everyone vibing together. Needless to say, I can't wait to attend more in the future!

Have you attended Comic Con before? Did you get to attend this one? I'd love to know your thoughts on Comic Con, whether you've attended or not, let me know below!

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